Confusion on device support

OK, other than Windows-based tablets, tablets ARE Android-based (not talking any apple products)

Cell phones that are not Windows based are Android based (for most part, again, NO Apple entering this discussion, we don’t own Apple save for 2 older iPods)
Assume I’m talking tablets that are Android based and phones that are as well. So phones and tablets are Android.
but when it comes to tablets, they must be what, 7.1" screens? 
The Kindle Fire devices are Android-based and are 7" screens and yet I see they are supported.
Phones are Android but they have tiny screens - and are supported. 
Will a Nexus 7 with Android 4.1x work? That’s only a 7" screen.
Any tablet that has a ‘7’ in the name or model number is a 7" screen.
Does that mean ANY tablet that is running Android 4.1xx is supported - and where did I see that 7.1" screen spec when screens are called 7" screens?
I see many 7" tablets run Android 4.1 or later BUT there’s no wat to tell -  will any of those work or does one need to get out the Starret steel rule and measure the screen to be sure it has that extra 1/10 of an inch?
If a person is looking to buy a cheap or used tablet just to run Tablo, will ANY Asus, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, HP and so on with Android 4.1 or later work as long as there is a 7 in the model number indicating a 7" screen or are there MORE gotchas, which is what I’ve been running into all week it seems! Got the initial information from support and it appeared we would be ok, but when push comes to shove, no, nothing we own will work with Tablo because it’s over 8 months old and it’s getting very very frustrating to have it and then find you have to have bought all of your electronics in the past year for Tablo to support it. 
I’ve got about $100 to use for the next month and it’s looking more and more like that isn’t going to be enough to get Tablo to work but there’s no real definitive list of what devices WILL and what will NOT work since 7" screen is not a solid number, it’s like TVs - you buy based on CLASS like a 22" class. Same for tablet screens, they may say it’s a 7" screen but it doesn’t have to measure EXACTLY that. 
Where’s the exact breaking point and if the OS is Android 4.4 or later, how does the Tablo app KNOW if the screen is 7" exactly or 7.1" as they say it required.
Why does the screen matter if the display is shot to the TV - after all, phones will work, right?

Just realize that Amazon devices do not run standard Android. They are proprietary and have their own apps independent of Google Play.

Any standard Android tablet 7 inches or larger running 4.1 is supposed to work with the Tablo Android app. Any Android phone or tablet should work with the Tablo Android web app. They both should also work using their Chrome browser.

I got an app running on my Moto X and it’s not running inside a browser although it looks like the browser-based interface in most ways. How can one tell what’s what?

I also see note here and there in this area that the app works better on some devices than others.
I almost wonder if it would be nice to have a thread similar to the drives since Android as far as being an OS is customized like crazy by almost any device maker that supplies is. 

I know about the Kindle OS being Amazon’s customized version of the Android OS much like Red Hat, and Novel have customized Linux versions and Ubuntu isn’t exactly like others - although Amazon did more to 'droid than the others did with Linux in most cases… 
On the other hand almost every other app my wife has wanted for Android I’ve been able to side-load or perform other tricks to get it installed and they normally end up working just fine even though Amazon says no. I believe in many cases it’s not that it won’t work, it’s that amazon wants to say NO to have more control over things and they’ll tell you no even though others say yeah, works just fine. 

Android on phone x isn’t the same on phone y and this tablet runs a different flavor than that tablet runs. Worse, as my son and I have discovered and discussed at length, the processor used by the manufacturer plays big roles as well. He’s tried a number of tablets, “chromebook” type devices and so on and will tell you that there are manufacturers that use their own version of hardware that makes the OS behave differently than the SAME OS on a different tablet. He’s found that Samsung based devices tend to crash more than other tablets in his OS testing. I can’t recall what but he had some comments about HP’s hardware as well. 

So maybe a thread where folks can comment on their own experiences with a specific piece of hardware with a specific processor and specific OS version. 
Look at the comments since the last Tablo app release - some are having this or that problem while others say no, works fine. 

We discover what drives work or don’t work, or what it takes to make 'em work, but not much about the hardware running the app, really. 

I’ve not actually tried to stream to the TV through Chromecast using my phone, but I found that I can easily access the Tablo device to see what’s up and check programming. The only thing I see is that you can’t access recordings until sync is all done but can access other things. Maybe sync should refresh the device settings and the recordings first, then move to the other stuff?
Maybe that’s not even possible.

Where did I read that the screen needed to be 7.1? I’m sure I saw that somewhere, perhaps in an email response I got to questions before I bought? If that were the case then all 7" screens would be out and that’s a whole slew of tablets!

It works on 7 inch and higher tablets. No 7.1 inch requirement.

Thanks for clarification. I’m sure I had read the other but it makes absolutely no sense so maybe it was a typo or I’m not remembering correctly!

I got it to work with our Moto X phones but the “fast forward” 30 seconds doesn’t actually fast forward. You can hit it 4 times in a 60 second commercial and all it does is show you stills while the seconds are passing real-time. I guess that’s another topic, though.