Confused About Timeline On Pause Screen

I’m still new to the world of Tablo, I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks. Everything is working great, but I’m confused about the timeline when you select Pause, or when you RW or FF. For example, right now, I’ve had the program I’m watching paused for a while. When I press the Pause/Play button on my Roku remote, it shows the blue timeline bar at the bottom of the screen, and over on the left side it shows 1hr 21 min. Since this is during live TV, there are no thumbnails to show (which would really be nice, but oh, well) so, I’m stuck with just FF or RW and watching the time marker in the blue timeline bar move forward or backward. There’s no indication of knowing where I am in the program.

Also, when I do scroll back to the beginning of the timeline and press Play, it doesn’t even rewind past the point where it had been paused! In other words, it didn’t rewind at all!
I don’t know if there is a glitch in the system, if this is just happening on my Tablo, or if this is just normal.

It would be helpful if there was an actual clock that runs along the marker in the timeline where your program is paused, so you can see where you are in a program (similar to what I had on the DVR with Dish). The way it is now, it’s just paused, with no way of knowing where I am in the live programming.

results forpause live tv Here are other’s who’ve brought up the topic in the past. Some have, some kind of answers, others are still getting things worked out.

Your answer may be in there… or you may have stumbled across a different scenario :neutral_face:

You already created a thread with the same question and an answer explaining why was given. Do not pause live TV for more than 60 minutes you will be able to rewind.

Sorry for bringing up the same issue again, theuser86.
Actually, that was just part of my issue, the main one being more of a complaint about how there’s no way of knowing where I am in the timeline of a program that’s been paused. Also, mentioning how it would be nice if there was some kind of actual clock displayed along the blue timeline to show where we’re at in any given program. I suppose that would be for another category other than Support & Troubleshooting. I’m not going to bother anyone with reposting in another category, though.