Confused about recording while watching with 2-tuner model

If I have the 2-tuner model and I’m recording two shows, can I:

  1. Watch Live TV while recording the two shows? (I THINK the answer’s “No.”)

  2. Watch an already recorded show while recording the two shows at once? (I THINK the answer’s also “No,” but I’m really not sure.)

Thanks again for the help! I appreciate already the good responsiveness of this community.


  1. No. Live tv and recording a channel both require tuners.

  2. Yes. Watching a recording on your home network does not use a tuner.

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I believe there is one exception to #1. I believe you can watch one of the shows that you are recording (for example, if it is recording for another family member but you are home, you can watch it live while it records).

Another option is, if you split the coax going in to the Tablo, you can run the 2nd output from the splitter into the TV antenna input and watch directly on the TV from the antenna while Tablo is recording 2 other shows. This assumes your OTA signal is strong enough so that degradation caused by splitting the signal doesn’t hurt reception.

Also, you can go with the 4 tuner Tablo. I record a LOT of TV off multiple channels simultaneously, and can’t remember ever not having enough tuners.

While recording two shows, you can watch those two shows live, but you cannot watch a 3rd show live with a dual tuner.

You can watch either show you are recording or any recording if watching locally. You can NOT watch a third live show. You can either split the antenna or get another antenna for the TV.

All good feedback above but @Gary_Speer I would suggest checking out this blog post for clarity’s sake: