Conflict resolution question

So if I have a conflict because of an overlap (like a football game running long into another show(s) ), will it record up to the conflict or ignore the record request entirely? I tried to search for an answer, but didn’t find one. Apologies if this has been asked/answered.

Also, on Roku, I don’t see any way to resolve a conflict other than to delete the offending program that just showed as conflicting. I have to go to my computer/smartphone in order to resolve this, i.e., see which programs are in conflict and decide which to not record. Is there a way to do this from the Roku app?

On Roku I use the schedule with coming soon filter to determine the show in conflict and all the other surrounding scheduled shows.

And what does “football game running long” mean. If you have the extend live option on and the football game is recording in the extend live time it stops recording and starts recording for the start of the other scheduled recording.

Thanks for the tip on Roku, I’ll take a look.

I was just using football as an example. Let’s say it’s involving three shows on a two tuner Tablo. Two of the shows start at 8pm and run until 9:03pm. The third show starts at 9pm, creating a conflict of 3 minutes. Will the conflict stop the recording of the 3rd show, or will it start, just 3 minutes late?

I have 2-tuners but am lucky enough to live where they don’t seem to do that.

But they did add the schedulting option to start late and/or end early to prevent conflict.

Thanks, I guess I’ll have to do an intentional conflict and see what happens.