Conflict question

So with the goofy programming the networks use, sometimes they will start a show on one night and then move it to another. I know Tablo will adjust to this, but what if there is a conflict when it gets moved? Do you get a notification or is there another somewhat automated way of knowing w/o going into the scheduled tab every day to check for such things?

Good question , I have never had that issue come up yet. Of course we use the 4-tuner, so generally not an issue. Would love to see if anyone encountered this issue.

There are only two ways a user knows of a conflict.

  1. The user tries to schedule a recording that will create a conflict.
  2. The user goes to the Conflicts section under Scheduled.

So if a programming change produces a conflict, you would only know by looking at the Conflicts section or when you miss a recording.

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I think some apps like Roku don’t have a Conflicts tab under Scheduled.

But I think that any menu like Scheduled and Guide where the main program tile has an indicator color in the upper right corner, that color will be orange for okay recordings.

But I think it will turn red when there is a conflict.

But I don’t remember if the orange for the appropriate time on the Live TV is displayed for conflicts. And if so will it be red.

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None of my Rokus have this option, but my AppleTV 4th Gen does. Still not sure how you would know if conflict on Roku.

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The only way would be the red icon on the Live Tv grid.

Ok, thanks. Kinda figured, but thought I would ask for sure.