Conflict explanations

The Tablo 4th generation needs to let you know why you are getting a recording conflict so you can resolve it.

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Knowing the time of what you’re trying to record does enable you to dig through the guide to find the other channels recording. It’s a lot of work, and I’m with you on them finding a better solution. Even a short list of conflicting titles would help us figure out if the other channels are more important than what we’re trying to record. It’s likely we’d still have to navigate to the actual channel & time to cancel, though, since so most of the time there’s more than one recording interfering with it.

There’s definitely got to be a better solution and hopefully one is coming soon. I can only imagine living in a large city where you’ve got over a hundred local stations to scroll through – and now with these added FAST channels, there’s so many pages of scrolling…

My Recast had a pop up that would show you what the conflict was so you could fix it

Lot’s of users go to the live grid and check the flashing red lights on the channel and/or what scheduled recordings overlap. On the legacy models many of the apps have a scheduled/coming soon filter which makes it wasy to see what is happening.

maybe that filter will come soon to gen 4.

My problem is that I get a conflict even though I’m only recording 2 shows and I can’t figure out why