Confirm WiFi can connect Roku 2 to Tablo, please

Nevermind … Tablo Support confirmed that WiFi can be used to connect/sync the Roku 2 and Tablo. Relieved!

Hi all. At a family member’s house, I have a situation where the antenna and Tablo need to be in one room while the TV & Roku 2 will be on the other side of the house. I see that the Roku 2 does have dual-band wireless built-in ( ); however, I’d feel better hearing from other Tablo users who have actually used WiFi to sync up a Tablo & Roku 2.

I have a very good WiFi extender in the location to boost both 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz WiFi bands.

The Roku 2 won’t be delivered until tomorrow; so, I can’t answer my own question just yet.

  1. Will the Roku 2 & Tablo connnect/sync over WiFi?
  2. How stable is that connection?

Thank you!

I would strongly suggest the use of a Powerline Adapter. This topic is very helpful

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Thank you, roraniel. I’ll check it out.

One of my Roku’s is a Roku 2 (The others are 2 different varieties of the Roku streaming stick) and I can say from personal experience that the Roku 2 has no problem connecting to the Tablo, with the following caveat. It works best if the Tablo connects to your network via hardwired Ethernet connection. In some cases (mine was one) the new Preview Roku channel for Tablo would not connect with both the Roku and the Tablo on wi-fi, tho the original Roku channel worked just fine.

With the Tablo plugged directly into my router’s Ethernet port, most of the problems I had have gone away, and Tablo has become much more reliable, allowing me to feel comfortable canceling my DirecTV subscription after 19 years.

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Thank you for your input, Ikahhan – good to hear from an owner. For now, I have to try to make this work wirelessly, but having read about your experience, I know what to do if the wireless setup doesn’t work out. roraniel’s Powerline suggestion appears to be the solution I’d invest more money into.

Thanks again, guys!

I use a Roku 1 which is only wireless and can connect/sync just fine. Network congestion can be a factor but since you have a dual band router you can isolate your Roku to the least used band and that should give you the best experience. Just be sure to give the 2.4G/5G different SSID names. My Rokus and one laptop are the only things on my 2.4ghz band and that helped a ton. I’m just limited to using the 720p recording option but since my largest TV is a lower end 50" it’s barely noticeable. I did want to ask if your router is being placed by your Tablo. Couldn’t tell for sure from your post. But hardwiring your Tablo to your router as mentioned elsewhere is the best. Enjoy!

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The user, my mother, is picky about where things are placed in her home. haha. Because of that & antenna placement needs, I have the Tablo & router in the same room, but I can’t easily connect them with ethernet.

I set up her Roku 2 & everything else over the last 24 hours – she’s happy with the results. So, I’m happy.

I wish I had canceled cable long ago. :smile:

Thank you again for all the advice, folks! Much appreciated!