Concurrent recording limits 4th gen?

I’m new to Tablo, having purchased a 4th-gen 2-tuner in early January 2024.

My question is how many concurrent streams can be recorded simultaneously? For example:

  • Internet streaming channels in the live guide. I have about 50 which are available.

  • Each OTA tuner can presumably ingest 1 transport stream, typically containing 4 to 6 program streams. E.G. Denver OTA 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 are all on one tuner. OTA 26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4 are all on the other tuner, total of 2 transport streams and 8 program streams.

So in my case, can I simultaneously record all 50 Internet live channels and 8 OTA live program streams carried on 2 transport streams?

I expect that there are some limits there which I can’t find published anywhere.


For OTA, you can only record one sub-channel at a time per tuner. So max 2 program streams.

No idea on the FAST channels.


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Thanks. So it appears that each of the RF tuners ingest a transport stream, with however many program streams included, but only outputs one of the program streams.

The virtual tuners also only output one program. Not surprising because very likely the FAST virtual tuners are ingesting one program at a time, rather that the multiple program streams bundled into a transport stream in ATSC.

Thanks again.