Comskip.ini file that works well with Tablo Ripper created files

Does anyone have an ini file that works for comskip and MCEBuddy with Tablo Ripper files? I am using the donator version of both, and cannot get it to remove commercials.


There isn’t a specific version for Tablo Ripper, Comskip works by detecting black frames and other criteria in the media file. Personally I’m using the stock file, though I will say if they put a banner throughout the entire show or a water mark in the commercials comskip gets confused and won’t strip them out. Are either of those true for you?

My experience with Comskip is that you really need to fine tune it to each channel to be effective. The generic ini works for 75% of the shows. Right now I have it disabled until I have time to make new ini’s.
Also lots of reports that Comskip is not very effective for news and sports. I plan to use it just for shows I watch regularly. If you fine tune Comskip it is 99% effective.