Comskip auto commercial skip

Any smart Tablo heads figure out how to integrate Comskip for auto commercial detection/skipping on recordings without having to rip files, process, etc.

Not a smart head, but no.

Tablo is mostly a “black box”. You can’t get into it’s OS or filesystem, so integration directly onto the Tablo isn’t possible today and it’s not really designed for “surprise” extra loads. You pretty much have to pull the shows off the Tablo and post process today.

I didn’t use Comskip, but wrote my own into SurLaTablo. I don’t claim it to be on the same level as Comskip, but I haven’t done any testing either. The problems is that detecting, chopping the video up and then reassembling, all takes time. And the rassemble part, at least for me, means a transcode (to get everything to “sync” right).

To be honest, I rarely use the commercial zapping feature in SurLaTablo anymore. It makes too many mistakes. However, on certain shows, it was near perfect.