Completely Off Topic: Forum Software

Yeah, this is way off topic :grinning:

I help a friend run a large BBQ forum and he is looking for a new platform. What forum software is this forum using? I like the UI and want him to consider it.


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Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll have him look at it. He’s currently running an old version of vBulletin that is no longer supported.

So, what’s the BBQ forum ?
I’m always looking to explore new ones.

Ahh, OK, I have an account there. :slightly_smiling_face:

The forum uses Discourse. It’s a solid choice because it’s modern, sleek, and really user-friendly. A lot of communities go for it because you can tweak it quite a bit to suit your needs, and it works great on both desktop and mobile.

If your friend is thinking about custom-building something unique for the BBQ forum, there’s a really helpful guide over at It breaks down the steps of building software from the ground up, which could be super useful if they decide to go that route.