Completely lost NBC 8-1 WFLA and CBS 10 in Tampa

I am completely stumped. When I first purchased my Tablo I picked up probably 79 channels however today when i scan it only allows 49. About a year ago I noticed that NBC and CBS were no longer recording my shows. It went from perfect reception to terrible no reception. At first I thought it was the broadcaster since I read online they were having tower issues. But a few months later, i had decided to have a backup antenna plugged into all those runs in the house where the cable used to feed. I noticed that NBC was coming in crystal clear. Only difference was second antenna was on the other side of house, although still facing east. I even moved the tablo antenna to second story part of the roof to see if that would fix it. Nothing. I swapped out the antennas and the tablo still didn’t work, but both antennas could pick up the NBC feed direct from a TV. I even went out an bought another antenna just to make rule out any question of antenna. Still nothing. At this point, all fingers are pointing at Tablo or am I doing something wrong? I cannot get NBC which appears to be broadcast on 8-1 here in Tampa thru the Tablo. Anyone have any ideas how this gets fixed??

UPDATE: So the two antennas I have is a MOHU sky 60 that I purchased frmo Best buy a couple o fyears ago. Both came with amplifiers. It dawned on me that maybe the amplifer was no longer working or not powerful enough. The only thing that changed from before when I received the stations is that I read that the towers were modified, possibly with a weaker signal. So I pulled out of the garage an old cable ampliefier that I had saved and replaced the small Mohu amplifier with the bigger cable amplifer and voila I picked up all the missing channels. It boosted the signal so much that I went from a total of 49 channels to 89 channels, almost all with 5 bars of strength. this makes more sense since i live in a metropolitan area. What didn’t make sense was that NBC and CBS would need more amplification. That was also the reason why both antennas worked on the cable runs since I still had the amplifier plugged in from the legacy cable. So there you have it, it boiled down to amplification for my situation.

We’ve had that happen a time or two as well. We have the Sky 60 as well and I noticed worse than usual signal on a couple of channels and it turned out the powered amplifier had gotten unplugged when someone was cleaning near it. Now it’s the first thing I check if we have any signal issues.

Glad to were able to get it sorted out!

For some context…

Tablo will scan for all 49 available Over-the-Air frequencies but there may be multiple subchannels on each of those frequencies. Some Tablo users have 150+ channels.

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