Compatibility Question

I am in the process of cutting the cord with my new Tablo Quad DVR w/ the assistance of 2 Amazon Firesticks. My question … I have 4 Directv Wireless Genie mini’s as well as the wireless router that came with the wireless system. Directv is not wanting me to return said equipment because they now have the Genie Mini 2 … so since I have this system can I get it to work with my Tablo system and save myself of buying additional Firesticks

I doubt if anyone has investigated or tried that.

Trying to shoehorn one technology into another older device sounds like a painful experience.

Does the Genie Mini have an App Store where you can download the Tablo app? If no, then it will not work with the Tablo.

The money you’re not spending could allow a one time purchase of current tech and still save - and the savings add up each month you don’t pay and are happy you don’t have kludged together tech, probably :slight_smile:

No, you can’t the Tablo app on a Genie mini. So, No.

everyone is confirming what I thought too, but put the question out there. These genie’s will be turned off by Directv wednesday night. So beffore i put them in some electronics recycling drop off, i decided to pick some techy’s brain on this. Thanks for chiming in …