Comparing the Dual HDMI to the Dual Lite

I’m ready to switch to Tablo from my sucky Homeworx DVR.
I only want to record up to two channels, so a Dual is right for me.

Looking at the two main choices for me, I see the Dual HDMI and the Dual Lite.

As I understand the differences, one connects to the HDMI directly and the other Streams via the Ethernet to my Roku TV .

One is MPEG-2 and the other saves HLS files.

Would the MPEG-2 video/audio be better quality because it wasn’t converted for streaming?
(My main use for this is to record OTA TV, edit out the unwanted stuff and save for use on my Plex Server.)

Does the Dual HDMI work with both the included Remote Control AND the Roku App?
(Just curious…not sure why I’d need both)

Is the Dual HDMI Remote a “Point Anywhere” or is it like the Homeworx and I have to be in direct line of sight and no more than 8 feet away?

Yes, because it’s the raw signal and uncompressed.

You would only use the Tablo Roku channel on additional TVs that have a Roku device attached, and you would use the Roku remote on those TVs. However, streaming to remote devices does require a TV Guide Data Service subscription.

The Tablo HDMI remote is an IR remote so it would require line of sight.

This information and more is available here, which you may have already found…

I don’t think any of the current crop of extraction programs work with the HDMI units. So if this is your goal, you need to decide what tool you’re going to use to extract the videos from the Tablo.

So the HDMI Units do not store the recording in regular MTS format?

I thought it worked like the Homeworx, it saves the files on the External USB as normal MTS and I can then plug the USB drive into my PC and edit/Save them.

I have always used VideoReDo Suite to edit files from my PlayOn Server(.MP4) and the Homeworx (.MTS)…is this not going to work with the Tablo HDMI box?