Compare experience on Nexus Player and Fire TV?

Can anyone who has both Nexus Player and Fire TV please provide some feedback with the latest app and firmware? I’m very curious to know any differences in using the Tablo app. I’ve seen more posts regarding the Fire TV but not Nexus Player. Any info would be greatly appreciated :smile:

Sorry, I don’t have both, but I figure posting something is better than nothing. The Nexus Player is almost flawless. Everything loads quickly, including recordings screen, live TV grid, and recordings themselves. The only problem I have is that after you delete a recorded show, sometimes it will show a blank “recordings” screen. You can wait it out for about 15 seconds, or go to live TV and then back to recordings to solve. Other than that, extremely happy - I actually just bought a Nexus Player for my mom for her brand new Tablo because I knew it provides the best experience. She loves it.

I don’t have a FireTV to compare, but the app is similar to Android TV, except it seems to have more bugs based on the amount of posts I see on here calling out bugs. I could be wrong, if anyone has both feel free to correct me if so. I still think both run better than the Roku app at this point.

Thank you so much for your input. I also have the Nexus player and have the issue of recordings showing blank once I exit from playing a recorded show. The only other issue/complaint that I have with Nexus player is that the CC (closed captioning) does not look as good as my Roku 3 (2015), and there is no way to set it to be on by default. I hope Tablo will fix the blank recording issue and enhance CC on it soon :slight_smile:

As for the Roku 3, I still have the “Loading… Please wait” message every now and then when watching recordings (sometimes once every minute), given that I record at the 1080p 10Mbps quality (I always want to have highest quality recordings). Since this issue does not appear on the Nexus player but on a hard wired Roku, I don’t think it’s related to my router / network bandwidth or performance. After reading comments from other users, it seems that this issue did not happen on Roku until recent firmware updates. I hope Tablo can clarify whether this is something that they can work with Roku to get it fixed in near future, or it was a hardware limitation of Roku 3. (Since I purchased the Roku recently, I can return it and stick with other hardware platform if there is no hope of getting smooth playback on Roku 3 again under 1080p 10Mbps quality.)

On the other hand, comparing with the Nexus player, the Roku 3 does give better saturation and better picture on my Sony 4K TV, which is another reason why I’d like to keep the Roku 3 if the playback issue can be fixed.

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I have gen 1 fire TV stick. It’s good for what I got it for, which is travel and really cheap. Likewise I got NP for $50 around last Thanksgiving when Roku was unwatchable. It is flawless and is what I use to watch when going to bed.i either watch Tablo, Pluto TV, or CBSN. They all work flawlessly. I do have wireless AC network.