Community Login Issues

Every time I try to log in with my username and password, I get an error saying that I can’t log in from my ip address. I am using the correct login information. The only way to resolve this is to click the forgot password link, and reset my password. When I try to change it to what my current password is, it tells me that it is my current password and to choose a new password. I have had to reset my password almost every day. It does this on both Chrome and Silk browsers. I really don’t feel like trying a third browser to see if I have this issue. Very frustrating. Anyone else encountered this?

Strange, I use Mozzila Firefox, and just tried Google Chrome, including the incognito mode, but don’t have an issue logging in.
Can you post a screen capture when the login error displays?

That requires logging out and then having to change my password for the umteenth time this week when it won’t let me back in. I’m starting to forget my passwords. LOL

I’ll try again later tonight. sigh LOL

Are you using a VPN?

Nope. And it doesn’t matter what browser I try: Chrome, Firefox, Silk… it’s always the same. The only way I can log in is to click reset password and follow the link in the email. So long as I don’t sign out, I’m good. It’s just… weird.

Do you have your browser(s) settings to dump cache and delete cookies on exit? Are you clearing cookies when you boot your computer up or before you shut it down?

@Beaugart Not sure what happened but the system had blocked your IP address. I’ve unblocked it so hopefully everything will be hunky dory now.

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Oh, thank you @TabloTV! I was wondering what was going on. Much appreciated, and good to know I’m not just going crazy. :slight_smile: