Common Reasons you lose sync

Is there a post that discusses the common reasons you lose sync?

I took a Firestick to my vacation home that has the Tablo device, synced it, watched TV, all good. I was previously watching remote on my phone so I new Connect was working.

Got home, plugged in Firestick, and cannot locate tablo box.

My phone is not working either.

I did unplug my router and modem after I synced, would that have required me to re-sync my devices? So in theory a power outage will knock everything off? Or do I have a different issue?

I won’t be back up there until next weekend to troubleshoot more.

When you unplugged your modem, after you plugged it back in did you get a new WAN/Internet address by chance? Since most residential internet is service comes with a dynamic, not static WAN address, that can sometimes happen.

That would be my guess, would that require me to re-check the Connect box to allow outside streaming? Or are my devices looking for a specific IP address now and cant find it?

Sorry, I said WAN/Internet, I actually meant the LAN IP address of the Tablo.

Depends. If you aren’t using UPnP (Universal Plug 'N Play) and had to create port forwarding rules in order to get remote access working, those rules may need to be changed to use the new IP if the IP address of the Tablo did indeed change.

Oh ok, so if I reserve an IP for Tablo unit on my home network, and it always stays the same, it wouldn’t matter if my IP address from ISP changes?