Commerical skip on Big Brother bad

Big Brother seems to be worse half way through the season with comm skip. I ended up turning it off since it would skip whole segments. Is there some tuning that could be done?

@meebee Sorry you’re having a rough time.

Is there a particular segment that keeps getting skipped that shouldn’t? Like the first segment after the first commercial break for example?

If it’s consistent and other folks are seeing something similar we can definitely take a peek.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to turn the feature off completely just because you’re having trouble with a particular show.

You can disable skips in the player itself for that show during playback:

It doesn’t seem to be consistent, sometimes it happens right in the middle of a show segment, and one time it completely missed a whole segment (it went from the start of the commercial, over the show segment, the next set of commercials, and back to the show).
And yes, I just turn off com skip for that one show while watching, not every show. That’s how I know it’s not a weak signal, as it seems to be fine for most every show I watch. It’s just BB that seems to be consistently missing on.


Anyone else seeing this? I did a check on our most recent episodes here.

One had a bit of breakup in the signal and did seem to have some issues but the one with perfect signal was fine.