Commerical Skip just quit

Hello everbody. Has anybody else on here had their commercial skip quit working. I have my Tablo running on four of my devices not all at once and the commercial skip does not work on any of them. When I go to look at a recording it says the commercial skip is ready but it is not there. This is been going on over a month and is quite aggravating. I have done all the tips and tricks with no luck. This tablo has not been worh the money especially the commercial skip

Didn’t Amazon a servers go down today? If it only affected tablo commercial skip processing that would be the least of my AWS problems.

What device do you use Tablo on? Do you see little yellow or gray bars on the seek bar? If they are gray, that mean you accidentally turned off commercial skip in the player itself. Press down while the video is playing and select the toggle for "automatically skip commercials’. The gray bars should change to yellow, and commercial skip should work again.

He said it was going on for a month, so unlikely to be the AWS outage.

Welll if it’s been going on consistently on 4 different devices for over a month and it’s due to the app on the 4 different devices having the CS feature turned off, maybe CS isn’t a good feature for this user. I though tablo had a pretty good WEB page on CS and how to turn processing on/off in the various apps.

I have tried turning the CS off and on several times with no luck. I have had problems with the CS ever since I have had. Think I am just going to cancel it. It is not that hard to fast forward thru the tiles

Can you clarify what happens and what you see though? Are there yellow sections on the seek bar? And if so, when your program gets to them, do they just keep going into the commercial?

When I go to the recording section and choose a recording it says the CS is ready but when I click to watch the bar at the bottom has no yellow marks were the commercials should be. It is the same on all 4 of my devices. CS has had problems for me pretty much since I have had it. I also have a AirTV player which is great and records like a charm. I am tired of messing with this CS and from what I have read on here that I am not the only person that is having problems with it.

You say it doesn’t hhve the yellow marks. Does it have grey bars?

From the Automatic Commercial Skip link above…

“When disabled, identified commercial sections will still be visible (as grey bars) but the video will not automatically jump over these sections.”

Why don’t you identify what the type of the 4 devices you are having CS playback problems with. And have one of the 4 devices, play a recording that supposedly has CS, pause then playback and take a picture and post it. That way everyone can see if CS is marked on that playback device.

My commercial skip suddenly stopped working last Thursday 12/30 & not since. Is there a general problem with commercial skip or is it just me?

There was an issue with the CS server side last week but according to that thread it sounds like it was resolved (I don’t have CS so can’t verify current status).

If you are still having issues you probably want to open an official support ticket.