Commercials I got plenty

Hi newbie here have the tablo for about 5 days now everything is working great perfect reception 33 over the air channels recordings come out great very good quality But the first time I recorded a show the commercial skip worked great and ever since has not worked at all checked the settings nothing has changed and the skip is turned on have not got a clue what is going on like I said worked perfect the first time and ever since not ha… can always fast forward anyway any suggestions or information appreciate


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There was apparently an issue with the commercial skip server infrastructure that started recently and got resolved earlier today…

It is still not resolved.

Then I would open a ticket directly with @TabloSupport since as the moment you appear to be the only one that has posted saying the issue is continuing for them.

Definitely send us a note, and our team will take a look to see what we can do to help.

my commercial skip still not working it quite working around Thanksgiving 2021 any news why ???



You need to open a ticket with @TabloSupport then.

Hi you did a fix a couple of days ago and it works fine now thank you very much