Commercial Skiping Does Not Work!

The longer the recording, the longer it takes to process. And you must have a tuner available to create the fast forward preview thumbnails first before data about the recording is uploaded for processing.

Gotcha, good to know - also, how does one go about canceling recordings scheduled recordings that are recurring shows? I know you can go in an setup keep 3 shows or delete after viewing but how you do you cancel a setup you scheduled and now decided you don’t want the schedule to go on any longer?

Also how fast in your internet upload speed? Upload speed is different than than your internet download speed. It can take very long to process the com skip if your internet upload speed is very slow.

…and is also impacted by recording quality, and as noted previously, length. More data on slower network takes more time

Download speeds are 400Mbps and upload speeds are 28Mbps, I have very strong internet.

I set it at the recommended 720 and it seems to record fine, its the time it’s taking to do the commercial skip. It would appear Tablo manages that and it likely goes to their server and back to mine.

My concern with that aspect become privacy issues -

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You can always turn the feature off if it’s that much of a concern.

They collect data, they know before you get a show sent for skipping :rofl:

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There’s no “agreement” when I open the box much less power the device up… so what do we get to turn off? It’s not like we’ve even clicked ok - accept most of it by not sending it back? (of course you’ve agreed to the subscription and accepted the warranty)

Go into Scheduled recordings, find the show and set it to Don’t Record.

That is why I got the Dual HDMI, I wish they would come out with a Quad HDMI.

Meanwhile, the commercial detect is VERY defective. It is always missing commercial but mostly on certain shows. Colbert is usually OK Until the last part, It always seems to miss any commercial in the last 10 minutes. It will also mark shows as being ready and you go to them and NOTHING is detected. There is no way I am bothering using this piece of garbage after my trial ends. It is pure junk!

I mostly have to set start 2 minutes before since there is no 1 minute before and their clock is always off by 1 minute so you miss the first minute of every show. VERY poorly designed options.

It is very defective turn it off and FF instead.

I have noticed that during the Thanksgiving Holidays my Tablo is not skipping the commercials I watch the same reruns and it was skipping commercials before the Holidays anyone else notice this …Thanks