Commercial skip will skip some but not all in a recorded show

Commercial skip will skip some but not all commercials in a recorded show. Also it skips some of the program that is not commercial. Up to date on firmware.

This seems to be a common occurrence that many people have complained about. The algorithms that are used to accomplish Commercial Skip are constantly changing and hopefully improving, but they are not perfect by any means.

I have personally noticed that the quality of the recording will also effect the outcome of the Commercial Skip processing. Any minor glitches in the picture can either cause Commercial Skip to fail completely or cause mistakes in the processing.

My guess is that Commercial Skip will never be perfect. Because of this, many subscribers weren’t satisfied with Commercial Skip and therefore probably lead to Tablo’s elimination of Commercial Skip being offered to new subscribers. If it is no longer offered as a feature, then it is one less thing for a new owner to be concerned about and to complained about if it isn’t working properly.

I still would rather have it along with its errors than not having it at all.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how long Tablo will continue this service for those of us still using it.