Commercial skip suddenly not working again

I wonder what is up with legacy commercial skip suddenly not working again?

It’s working for me this evening. A 2 hour show from 7 to 9 PM CST and two 1 hour shows from 9 to 10 PM CST still haven’t finished the process, but three other shows have processed properly and one half hour show failed due to abnormal content or format. The show that failed was Bob Hearts Abishola s05e04 from 7 to 7:30 PM CST. While Bob Hearts Abishola s05e05 from 7:30 to 8 PM CST processed properly , so I would like @TabloSupport to explain why one episode fails and the next episode of the same show processes properly.

“failed due to abnormal content or format”

I’m seeing more of this, and I firmly believe that this has become more of an excuse, than the actual reason.

The poor reception mantra, no longer cuts it.

The major failing of the Tablo PVRs is the lack of live signal strength and signal quality meters. Trouble shooting without these informative meters, which are common on TVs and other PVRs, makes for more guess work. It’s like a newbie auto mechanic, changing parts until the vehicle starts and runs.

Also the claim that 4 channel Tablos split the signal 4 ways, and makes them not as receptive as a TV. Well, that should have been compensated for.

CS can fail on some episodes due to abnormally long commercials. This usually happens for sub-channels. And some sub-channels are worse then others.