Commercial skip so far


I know it’s still in Beta just some data here on my use so far in two days of having it.

SUNDAY- Supergirl, perfect copy, commercial skip wired great

MONDAY- The Resident Season Finale. I have two copies. A one hour commercial skip version and the hour and half extra time version Tablo makes for finales.

DCs LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Two copies. A one hour one minute commercial skip version and a one hour commercial skip version.(I don’t have double channel/affiliates)

Arrow: one copy perfect copy that did not get commercial skip processed. Watched an hour and half after show ended.


And 911…both that and Arrow (9pm shows) are commercial skip ready now


You know, I have been on the com skip since it came out in beta and it seems like it is getting worse now. We do not watch live tv, everything is recorded and watched from Tablo - which is working just great. And most of our recordings (15-20 a week) come out fine with absolutly no problems at all. But, yes but, now I am considering turning it off because in seems to miss one or two coms in an hour on 50% of our shows. The misses are also bad - start to early, start to late, quit to early, or quit to late or any of these combinations. This then requires a lot of effort and time to get it right so we don’t miss any of the show - and by the time I do that it would have been faster to just do it the old manual way.


I don’t think any implementation of commercial skip is going to be 100% perfect.

I have very little emotional investment in any TV show. But there are a few shows I am just as happy not having commercial skip applied to. I’m lucky enough to have multiple tablos and can dedicate one for all my low value to commercial skip recordings. Some day tablo might have a per recording commercial skip flag.


…like I’ve had since 2004, you mean? First with ReplayTV and now with Windows Media Center? (And I was late to the ReplayTV party then…)

Commercial skip isn’t rocket science, nor is its implementation. And part of the implementation should be like it is everywhere else that has it: when viewing a show, have the option to use or not to use the commercial markers. It’s that simple.

Tablo appears not to have that, despite it being the industry standard for more years than the Tablo team has under their belts.

Why anyone would come into an industry and completely ignore something like that, astounds me.


Wow, sounds as if Tablo should hire you (adam1991) as a consultant. Your talents are wasted on a lowly discussion forum. .:roll_eyes:


If there is badge for the biggest complainer, we know who would get it. :wink:


Any talents I may have are seriously dwarfed by the Tablo apologists here, who can’t imagine that it could possibly be improved, who apparently revel in living in an echo chamber.


Commercial detection might not be “rocket science” or brain surgery, but I found it to be sufficiently difficult to implement. Requesting all enlightenment with regards to proper implementation please.


No Tablo apologists here, just people who cannot stand whiners and thumb thugs who harp on the same topic post after post. You made your point long ago, i.e., you’re the expert and everyone else are apologists and/or idiots.


The apologist posts speak for themselves. You may declare that grass is purple, but that doesn’t make it so.


Sticks and stones, and neener-neener.


OK boys and girls…

To the folks who like to stir the pot for stirring’s sake… If you can’t keep your posts confined to useful feedback or helpful commentary, it’s time to back away from the keyboard again.

And to everyone else, let’s try to avoid adding fuel to the fire.


Love the commercial skip so far … question: is it working on the Web app? Or is there any indication that the show has been marked (little yellow dashes or check marks) for commercial skip on the Web app (or is CS just enabled in the Roku Tablo app?)


The user can’t see what has been marked for skipping in the web or phone/tablet apps. You only see that on the eligible devices.


Ok … what are the ‘eligible’ devices?
I see it on Roku, but not on the iPhone app nor on the webapp on my computer.


What Tablo apps/platforms support Automatic Commercial Skip?
Tablo’s Automatic Commercial Skip feature is currently supported on Roku, Tablo PREVIEW for Amazon Fire TV & Android TV, and Apple TV. Automatic Commercial Skip cannot currently be used as a feature on the original Tablo app for Amazon Fire TV or Android TV, Smart TVs, mobile devices, Xbox, or PC.


Wonder why only certain devices?


Still in public beta ( trial mode ) maybe later.


Those are the clients that they’re doing the most development on right now, so they got the commercial skip first. I expect all of the clients will get it before it’s out of beta.