Commercial skip problems


Is anyone having problems with commercial skip? Some of the programs I record has the commercial skip yellow marks, but still play the commercial. Some programs don’t allow skip. Two are Have gun Will Travel, and Wagon Train. Sometimes the skip doesn’t stop at the end of the commercial and skips a portion of the program.
I don’t see any topics concerned with any problems with commercial skip. Am I the only one with problems?


Click on the “magnifying glass” search icon :mag: then type commerical skip
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I ran three sets of tests one month apart. Around 150 recordings per test run. The last being the first week of July.

Each had large numbers(20%-30%) of failures due to “Commercial Skip detection failed”.

I opened a ticket and offered to feed them the show, season, and episode of the failures.

They weren’t interested - they had it under control and seemed to think they could extract any additional info from my unit. Which I doubt since these were test runs and the recordings were deleted as fast as they were made.

We went with Plex for commercial skip. Maybe after the football season we’ll try again.


I have not run any tests,but I have turned skip off. It just takes me longer to go back and fix a missed skip than to just do the fast forward skip with frames. And then every once in a while it doesn’t do frames and that really pi–es me off.


I have multiple unit. So I wouldn’t use CS for anything critical. Especially if it was important to my better half.

So we had CS contained to low importance programing on a secondary tablo. I just didn’t think it was worth the bother if the success rate on those programs was only 70%-80%.


I’m pretty new to Tablo. Really like I can watch on different TVs. Couldn’t do that with TiVo. The idea for commercial skip is great and bugs may be eventually get fixed.
I’m with you on the thumbnail not being there!