Commercial Skip Price is Right

It seems commercial skip for the Price is Right is never accurate. Sometimes it identifies a commercial too early and other times it misses the commercial. My wife records this daily and every episode seems to have problems. Anyone else experiencing this as well?

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The commercial skip that use to work, which got broken, is the commercial between the showcase bids and the revealing of the actual showcase prices.

Yep, agree on the showcase bids. We’ve noticed early in the show, it jumps to a commercial just before you find out if the contestant won or lost the prize. A critical time in the show :slight_smile:

To me there is a different between whether the commercial is undetected and the skip is generated but has incorrect start and/or endings.

But the Price is Right has turned into a hot mess.

Commercial Skip is all over the place. It Skips at the wrong time. It has a Yellow Skip but doesn’t see it. Sometimes when it works on a show the next day it doesn’t even try to process it for Skipping. Its a hit or miss at best. At 20$ a year I guess its worth it but this is the worse app I have ever seen. If you don’t have it don’t signup for it because it will frustrate the Hell out of you!!!

Just my own observation. There are a lot of shows where commercial skip works very well.

Shows where it might struggle include shows where there are short postscripts (moments of commercials followed by short program followed by commercials or next show start). Occasionally, there are start of show scenarios that can also cause some problems.

If you think about it from a programming (what some mistakenly call “AI” nowadays) perspective, there are some shows that are almost deliberately trying to break any handling of commercials. It’s sort of like it doesn’t take a genius to create the scenarios where “self-driving cars” are going to make huge mistakes.

But, people still trust such things, because, generally speaking, they work well. Calling it “AI”, probably the stupidest thing we’ve ever done. Maybe we should call it “SS”, for Smarter Stupidity?

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Well to me if you order a cheese burger it better have cheese on it, you paid for it as advertised. Tablo should do away with Commercial Skip or have it free until it works as advertised.

Not to argue your complaint, but it is an OPTIONAL service. If you don’t feel it is providing sufficient value, just don’t renew when the time comes.

It seems to work well for other shows and will give it a try for the next year. It’s pretty cheap and it’s easy to disable per show if it’s not quite right.

I don’t have an problem with commercial skip. With the exception that this show used to skip properly and then took a dump.

Regardless if its an OPTIONAL service, if someone signs up for it shouldn’t it work as advertised?

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When it comes to AI, ML, and DSP processing nothing is 100%.

That’s why I don’t putt around the neighborhood streets in my Tesla, asleep with auto pilot on.

I do agree with this to an extent. Tablo’s marketing does imply that it works completely when it works. There’s not even a FAQ link discussing the potential for errors in discovery. There is discussion about eligibility, but nothing about errors on eligible programs. Just for legal coverage, I’d put something in if I were Nuvyyo.

How about 50% and for Tesla’s auto pilot, that’s another story.

You mean Tesla doesn’t use one or more of the basic ML algorithms?

And since it’s ML the algorithms are re-trained when major failures occur.

I wish Commercial Skip could retrain itself when it has major failures. The problem there is Commercial Skip has no idea its having major problems.

Tesla onboard computer: I crashed. All dead? Yes. Adjusting algorithm in attempt to avoid future events of this specific type.

Tesla onboard computer: I crashed. All dead? Not this time. Event looks similar to last time. Yes, but before all died. Creating new pathway for new specific type.

Tesla onboard computer: I crashed. Any dead? None in car, but maybe some outside of car. Success!


Tablo could always look at the commercial skip for today’s episode.

Mine seemed to have a commercial skip in the middle of the very first game.

Are the Tesla problems solved by combination of OpenAI, GANs, or GPT-3