Commercial Skip New Customers

I’m a brand new customer and I can’t clearly see what the deal is with Commercial Skip. It’s a feature I really want, and I’m willing to pay, but I can’t tell from the documentation on this site whether this is gone/done for all new customers, or just the free trial bundled with the trial 30-day subscription. I would think that if it were really going away, there’d be little to no documentation about the feature and that any pages detailing the feature would have some disclaimer that it isn’t available for new customers.

I already set up my annual guide subscription, but it’s unclear if the Commercial Skip will start when the trial is over or will never come.

Thanks in advance,


Never come. Only customers who had previously enrolled can get it. It’s not included with the guide sub, it’s a separate sub (for those who already have it).

Thanks for the response. What a bummer. It sounds like they’re doing cloud processing. It’d be sweet if they would open source the AI model so we could do it ourselves easily without having to design it from scratch. I’d pay $10 a month just for this service and I’d bet my AWS charge would be less than that :wink:

To do it yourself (which you can, but not integrated with Tablo) you can use the many 3rd party community “downloaders” to pull shows off your Tablo and then use something like “comskip” to attempt to remove them.

Tablo is a closed software product. So don’t expect to be able to integrate commercial skipping on your own with Tablo’s playback mechanism.