Commercial Skip - How Long Before Ready?

Is there any info from Nuvvyo or users on how long after a recording completes that the automatic commercial skip will be ready? Immediately? The length of the program? Something else?

It might be mentioned here somewhere, but I couldn’t find it easily searching from mobile.


What I have experienced is that a 1 hour show recorded during prime time can take 2 hours or more after the recording has finished to be available for viewing. The length of time may also be dependent on your internet upload speed (mine is very slow - 1 Mbps), but I have no way of judging that.

The recording has to complete successfully, there has to be a tuner available to generate thumbnails, thumbnail have to be successfully generated, the queue at the amazon cloud tablo commercial skip processor has to be short enough to allow for speedy processing.

But there is always hope that a new tablo product would include quantum computing.

So…in short, it’s variable. Safe side, day after should always be fine. Night of will depend. Thanks.

Things might be faster depending on timezone. In PDT it can be up to one-two hours before 11pm. After 11pm PDT it seems that EDT recordings have been processed and things speed up.

Of course if you are jamming a bunch of 4 hour football games through CS processing…