Commercial Skip Function [Image Mock-up]

Great idea… can you guys build 3 new icons on playback?

1 min, 2 min, 3 min forward skipping… most commercials are 15/30/60 seconds long and channels sell advertising space 6 to 8 slots.


  • 3 mins: (2) 30 second spots (1) 60 sec, (2) 15 second (1) 30 sec.
  • 3 mins: (1) 15 sec, (2) 30 sec, (1) 15 sec and (1) 60 sec.

In doing the math, you’ll see these 3 new buttons would be perfect for Tablo for skipping commericals. Think of it, you could then market “Commercial Free Ability only on Tablo”

Here’s a screenshot I mocked up while watching a show through Chromecast:


@VipeNess In order to ensure compatibility with devices we actually use industry-standard or native player software. The downside of this is that we don’t have a lot of influence on the behavior of these players so adding this type of functionality wouldn’t be possible.

I do thank you for your feedback and that was one of the reasons that I did purchase a Tablo last week was that you communicated so well with the community related to your product. I do see within the Netflix app, the video player is similar in code and has the similar functions for the backward and forward, but they have their backward set to 30 seconds unlike the Tablo app set to 20 seconds. Do you at least control those functions?

Which device are you seeing this on? Web? We do use an industry-standard web player there as well.

That was quick! LOL. From the Netflix app on Android.

The folks at Netflix have likely coded their own player. When you have bazillions of dollars you can do fun things like that.

I see you what you mean… I’m looking over the Google Cast API right now. It does seem like Netflix does use the same API, but looks like they are using their own modified code. Pretty neat stuff on Google’s end.

[quote=“TabloTV, post:6, topic:9792”]
When you have bazillions of dollars you can do fun things like that.
[/quote]You guys aren’t billionaires yet? What are you waiting on, up the advertisements, sell more!

Things are going well but we’re not like Scrooge McDuck rich… YET.

We are in the midst of expanding our office space though!


Well, you guys are doing a great job and my wife completely agrees and loves the product.

We actually found a tiny bug last night while watching a show that was being recorded. Again, the show was still recording and had 10 minutes left. We started it up and when the commercial came up, we clicked the 30 seconds button and the video restarted to the beginning. We even tried dragging the video mark to the exact min/sec we wanted and it restarted the show. This was from an Android Tablet (Pixel C) and using the Chromecast option. After the show was done recording, we started it up again and it worked just fine. So, I went to a live show and paused for a few minutes, tried to fast forward via the 30 seconds and the video marker and it resets the live feed to the beginning every time.

Thanks! Glad to hear the whole family is enjoying your Tablo.

Unfortunately Chromecast does not play nicely with in-progress recordings because it treats it like a ‘live’ feed. That makes navigating within the stream quite difficult.

If you’re planning to watch a lot of ‘live-to-tape’ stuff you might want to pick up a set-top-box.