Commercial Skip does not work for NBC Dateline

Anybody else have issues or suggestions for NBC Dateline 2 hour Friday night programs commercial skip always fails.

Yes, and it makes no sense! Programs before and after CS just fine.

Does it have an Automatic Commercial Skip Error Messages ?

These messages are as follows:

SUCCESS Commercial Skip is ready.
NETWORK Commercial Skip upload failed.
UNSUITABLE Recording does not meet criteria for Commercial Skip.
FILTERED Program ineligible for Commercial Skip.
RECEPTION Commercial Skip detection failed due to poor reception.
OTHER FAILURE Commercial Skip detection failed.

Had to wait for Dateline to air again, the message is below.
99% of other recordings work, Dateline always fails

  • Commercial Skip detection failed
    This message is shown when the source of the error is unclear or unknown but is generally related to a problem with the commercial skip process itself.

One other note I have been a customer since 2015, with a lifetime program guide subscription

I’ve received that message in the past also, but this Friday I received the message I usually receive which is:

Commercial Skip detection failed due to abnormal content or format.

…so, as a customer, you haven’t really generated profits since purchasing your lifetime subscription in '15? :neutral_face: Until now, your Commercial Skip service. :wink:
:heavy_check_mark: noted

you are right, I buy a new one of everything to test with … NOT. I purchase things that work. I placed an order for the ATSC 3.0 tuner, and canceled it. I’ll try again when the product has a good release date.

Hey, Tablo if you reached out to the commercial skip service, thank you Friday night’s Dateline had commercial skip available when I went to watch tonight

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