Commercial Skip Deprecation

Now that new users are not able to sign up for a yearly premium account for Commercial Skip, what are the chances that this feature gets ultimately deprecated? The “More Info” page references lack of uptake from the subscriber base causing the expense of maintaining the infrastructure as too high. This seems like just a matter of time before it becomes a lost feature.

Agreed. If I can’t reup commercial skip when my subscription ends I will probably trash my tablo. So many issues with my tablo the only thing keeping me with tablo is the skip feature.

When they discontinue something seems they don’t really want to admit it even existed, like Cloud DVR Service -

Broken link for all the references to it, instead of “This service no longer exists”. 404 Page Not Found - we admit to nothing.

So if/when a decision is made, which may never happen… they’ll wipe it from their web site so many may never know.

Did you ever open a ticket to get your Tablo Connect issue resolved?

What other issues are you having?

I’ve never paid for the commercial skip as with the FF previews I don’t really see the need for the additional cost.

I never have opened a ticket. I have it working at the moment but still have to go into the tablo and reset it every week. Though when it is up and running it takes quite awhile for the guide to populate and the video to start when I am remote. I have better than average speeds at home and remote. That’s really it.

Remind me what device are you using for for Tablo Connect? The speed of the device as well as your upload speed at home can potentially contribute to the speed it takes for those functions to complete.

I’ve tried my iPhone, iPad and firetv stick and all fail to connect unless I reset the tablo every week. I pay for 20 mbps up and usually test through Speedtest near 30. Down when remote is usually 100 mbps or more.

I guess I don’t understand why, if you are having problems, you wouldn’t open a ticket. Plenty of people use the functionality you are talking about without issue so @TabloSupport could at least help you identify if there is something with your configuration that might explain the issues.