Commercial skip and data

On reddit, a user posted that commercial skip used more data than his ISP cap could handle. He said he reverted to the last version.

I asked why he reverted rather than turning skip off, and he said it seemed like the latest version was using more data than the last version, even with skip turned off.

Is this true? If so, how does one revert?

If com skip is off, .26 should not be using more data.

I agree, it shouldn’t, but I was hoping someone from Tablo would chime in and confirm it.


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Ok, thanks for the confirmation.

I posted on one of these skip and got a reply for more information. I’ve gone through three or four trying to find that one.
So more information: Sunday the 23rd I set the Indy road race to record. Not sure what day I set to record, but at least two or three before schedule airing. Programs before and after have skip. I haven’t watched either so still don’t know if they will actually skip.
The Indy race started recording at least thirty minutes early. All the race is recorded but no skip. I have commercial Skip detection failed and a red circle :red_circle: with an x in it.
I have four “have him will travel “ shows recorded and all have program ineligible for commercial Skip.

Sorry auto correct “ have gun will travel” not have him will travel :crazy_face:

How about:

From network METV
Have Gun - Will Travel episode #18 Justice in Hell.


The Saint episode 9 The King of the Beggers.


The Burns and Allen Show season 5 episode 10 - Burns & Mortons going to Hear Anonelli Concert.

or others.

I only have the four recorded. Wagon train is sort of doing skip. It has some yellow skip dots. I watched one episode this morning and had to use manual to skip between yellow dots two times. Maverick has three episodes recorded and two have skip commercials available one doesn’t. I haven’t checked if a reason is given as why that episode didn’t skip. All twenty eight channels have 74-78 signal strength on LG tv signal. I get two ABC with METV. The one I have set for recording is uhf and is the only channel I get that isn’t translated. The other ABC is on frequency 18 translated from OKC. That signal is first sent from OKC to Elk City then resent to Hollis, the tower I receive more than half my channels.