Commercial skip - 30 day trial expired

My trial expired on Friday night. All premium features continued working for 2 more days (grace period?) but now are gone.

I love my Quad and will be signing up, but — for the life of me I can’t figure out how to initiate a manual recording; I don’t see a recording button anywhere.

Also noticed that all previously successful commercial skip shows have lost their skip markings. Will these come back when I resubscribe?

Which device are you using? Manual recording is available in most, but not all, clients.

I looked on Roku, and the Windows 10 app. Don’t see any option to record.

On the web app (, go to the “Scheduled” tab and click the + in the upper right corner.

Okay I see it now, thank you!! When selecting shows and clicking “done” in the Live TV grid, there is no visual indication on the grid that anything was scheduled, but they do show up in the “Scheduled” tab.

Roku has the functionality as well

Yep, thank you. When looking in “Scheduled” I now see everything I had scheduled in Roku. Would be nice if a red marking would appear on the Live TV grid.

I resubscribed (went with lifetime) and all previous commercial skips did indeed return :+1:


That’s good to know. I guess the reasoning is that manual recording aren’t eligible to be commercial skipped, so people without a subscription shouldn’t need it. It just gets weird in a case like yours where you had a subscription and then let it expire.

This use case will be good for future reference.

No reason a manual recording couldn’t use commercial skip other than that it’s listed on the comparison page as only available with subscription and “currently in free beta.” I’m just pleased that my previous recordings retained the commercial skip metadata, which became visible instantaneously once I resubscribed.

This is good information. Thanks for sharing.