Comcast limited data

Hey guys, I am in Nashville, TN and received a phone call from Comcast yesterday.  They were calling me to let me know I had reached 90% of my data limit for the month of June.  First, I had no clue I had a data limit.  THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM FOR ME TRYING TO CUT THE CORD. I have 3 children that constantly use Netflix and Amazon Instant Video since I dropped DTV.  I also use the WATCH ESPN app on ROKU.  After doing some research, it appears Nashville is one of the markets Comcast is testing this limited data plan. 

Anyone else having this issue?  Any suggestions?

I use Uverse in Bellevue just for internet.  They currently have no data caps, and I am able to get the 45 Mbps Power Plan. I also have been able to get Uverse to price match Comcast (so I have 50% off the regular price of this tier).  The service has been solid for me, though I do live pretty close to their VRAD boxes. 

More info about the Comcast trials:

It’s one of the main reasons why devices such as the Tablo are so necessary for cord cutters.   Other than pulling a bit of data for the guide, you can build up a huge back log of shows (in my area we have several sub channels that play older shows as well).   Then you aren’t as reliant on Netflix, Amazon, etc. etc…

Also, the data caps are just one more way that Cable companies are trying to keep everyone from dumping cable.  Google data usage by cord cutters vs cable subscribers and the numbers are astronomical (like 10x more data by cord cutters).

Unless something has changed very recently, UVerse does have data caps. They cap at 250GB.

Update: Yes, it’s still in their terms.

U-verse Internet price includes 250GB of data per month.

Uverse does not enforce their data caps, despite it being in their terms.

uverse doesn’t “CURRENTLY” enforce their data caps.  but bet your money on them enforcing it.

I thought Comcast had data caps in all markets. I know they’ve had them in Nashville for the past couple of years; initially they were capping to 250 GB per month, then they raised it to 300 GB. 

Hopefully Google Fiber will be in Nashville before that happens. :slight_smile:

And just because Comcast is enforcing caps in this trial, it doesn’t mean it will stick.  I would encourage Comcast users like wkufan92 to complain to Comcast about the cap being unreasonably low.   Many of these trials have failed to user complaints.

I’m with you; I’m hoping Google Fiber is sooner rather than later. 

As far as I know, the Comcast cap isnt’ a test here, but a full blown policy; they’ve even got a full breakdown on how many times you can overrun your cap before they charge you extra (I believe it’s like 3 overages in a year ,and at that point on the next one they bill you $10 for another 50 GB.)

@mebogrr are you a comcast customer?  Have you had any issues going over the 300GB?

@wkufan92 I am a comcast customer. I personally haven’t went over the cap, but admittedly, May was pretty close; I might’ve binged on PC game sales and hit about 287 at month end. You can log into the customer portal and see your current usage, if you are concerned. 

My problem is I have 3 children that love netflix and amazon prime and it is summertime and they are watching way too much tv.   I need to limit some of their tv viewing and make them go outside!  LOL  I would say this wasn’t a problem when I was a kid but that makes me sound like an old person.   At this point, we are already close to 300gb and it is June 17th.  The good news is I have 3 free months and come August they will be back in school.