Color on Tablo and Chromecast with Google TV (and Samsung KS8000 TV's)?

Love the new Chromecast with Google TV, does great with TV over the internet, like Youtube TV, Netflix, Prime, etc. As I said in the title, my TV’s are Samsung KS8000 UHD/HDR+ model. My NVIDIA Shield has become a bit brittle, needs to be restarted too much, so I wanted to look around and see what else is available.

My problem at this point is with the Tablo and live TV, using it on the Chromecast with Google TV. The whites on it are so bright that they tend to wash out the surrounding colors as well as having a lack of detail in white areas, and faces end up appearing darker than they should. It almost looks like the Samsung TV’s dynamic color setting, but I have that turned off. Or maybe that HDR is in play, but I don’t think that the stations I get on the Tablo are broadcasting in HDR, don’t even know if Tablo supports HDR. I tried the “match content dynamic range” on the Chromecast, and that didn’t help.

Just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with color on the Tablo using the Chromecast, and if you figured out anything that helped mitigate the problem? Really love the Chromecast, aside from this annoying problem, good replacement for NVIDIA Shield for me aside from this.

Saw your post on Reddit as well…

Can you switch inputs on the Samsung TV away and then back to the HDMI input connected to your Chromecast with Google TV?

On the Samsung TV we have, the television will flash an icon on the upper left of the screen that shows the input, resolution and whether it is HDR.

Over-the-Air TV via ATSC 1.0 doesn’t offer HDR so we’re wondering if it’s a combo of settings on your TV and/or the Chromecast.

We use a Chromecast with Google TV with our TCL TV and I can’t say we’ve encountered this particular issue.

Went through the settings on my TV carefully a couple of times to be sure that nothing in the TV settings could be causing this. I even reset those settings, and did a full trip through them to get them back to what I need. UHD color is off for all inputs, dynamic contrast is off, pretty much anything that I could find that had to do with this is off.

I haven’t changed very many of the Chromecast settings. The only one that I could find that looked interesting was “match content dynamic range” and as I said, did not help.

So I’m really at sea about what to do about this. Looks like I’ll be getting used to it, and probably won’t even notice it except for when I initially switch from internet TV to the Tablo :-).

I did post about this on reddit in the Chromecast subreddit as well. I figured since there are two parts to this, Chromecast and Tablo, that I’d be justified in doing that :-).


You are indeed! Maybe someone else with a Chromecast seeing the same thing but with a different will have some insight.