College Basketball - LSU Logo?

When recording any college basketball on the TABLO, the logo that shows up with the show is the LSU logo - `

Anyone know why this is happening? I can’t figure out how to change it on the Tablo App…

Why is it LSU and not the NCAA logo or something similar. The teams playing are not LSU, etc…


This isn’t a user option. The guide data provider sends the image and that’s what we get: ‘Sports’ category in guide.

Ah that’s too bad - in future versions, it would be cool to allow a local overwrite or or something so you can customize those images…

Another feature I was hoping for was adding live tv to the guide? Is this possible? The way that other systems work, so the guide is just an overlay over a live channel instead of going to the guide and missing whatever is on TV?

I always get Syracuse. :thinking:

Maybe it’s foreshadowing?