Coax or wifi help

My gen4 buffing on my tv live the tv has coax other tv are Wi-Fi don’t buffer should I disconnect coax and use wifi

Do you mean ethernet cable? You have to have a coax (antenna) cable connected to your tablo for OTA reception. You may also have one connected to your TV with a splitter? By “buffering,” do you mean pixelating (i.e. a bunch of dots and maybe a frozen screen for a bit)? A splitter will degrade the reception on your TV/Tablo.

The ethernet cable should provide a more stable internet connection to your tablo/TV than wifi. The installed apps allow you to view on multiple devices.

How are you viewing live TV? Is it via the Tablo app using a Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, etc., or via the TV tuner? Is the app updated? Sorry for the questions and I may not be able to provide an answer, but there are other variables in play.

I have Tablo connect to router by Ethernet cable I use fire tv for 2 tv using Wi-Fi. The main tv has a splitter with coax cable going to tv. It also has fire tv. I watch live tv though Tablo this main tv buffers watching channels that have good reception if I stream movies it’s perfect I disconnect the coax cable and watch with Wi-Fi it does buffer. I had older Tablo before and got the gen4 now. The other problem I have is I have to reboot Tablo almost every day. I try rebooting router also will have to see if that helps

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