Coax connector spinning in unit

We moved the living room around and when I reconnected the coax to my Tablo, I noticed after a few turns that the male end on the unit was turning with my turning of the female end. I can only imagine that that’s not good for any soldered wires coming off the thing and I can’t get the connector tight. It’s working fine for now but I’m worried any movement of the coax cable might jiggle something loose inside. I haven’t cracked it open to look yet but if I do, will I find an easy nut on the other side to tighten down? I’m a bit over a year and a half in so I don’t think any warranty applies here.

My refurbished unit I purchased last February had this very same problem. It did cause me signal errors and other strange, unexpected problems.

I contacted Tablo support and they sent out a new one, and said that the coax port should always be solid, and never spin freely.

Good luck.

Were you still under a warranty at that point? I feel confident enough opening it up but wanted to make sure I’m not doing so in vain due to some complex nature of the beast. I’ll wait for a while as it’s working for the time being and see if another option pops up.

Yeah, my Tablo was under warranty. Mine had problems within the first few days of the initial hook up. Tablo support was trying to figure out the problem, and when I mentioned the coax port spinning, they just said they’d send me out a new one.

I think you could at least contact them via email and see what they suggest. It’s a defect they know about, so who knows, maybe they’d cut you a really good deal on a replacement.

@TabloSupport Are you following? Any suggestions?

@IllBeDarned - We deal with these kinds of things on a case-by-case basis so definitely contact support.

Thank you. It’s been done.