CNN, Hallmark channel

Can we get CNN, the Hallmark channel,etc?

FAST means Free Ad Supported Television. CNN and Hallmark use to charge money for their product(channel).

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Actually, Hallmark is “big”, and has a variety of offerings, including FAST ones.

No comment with regards to CNN.

How do we add them? Thanks

If they aren’t free I doubt tablo will add them. But there are other OTT products that have some free hallmark channels if you only want to watch and not record them.

Pluto has some and Roku has a Live TV channel that has hallmark movies&more(channel 387).

I use frndly tv in addition to my Tablo. It has live streaming channels that you can watch or record, but unlike our Tablos, everything is stored in the cloud. I pay $9 a month for 90 days of unlimited DVR space, and although I don’t record them, there are multiple Hallmark channels in the package. Unfortunately for you, they don’t offer CNN, but I’ve found it a worthy addition to my streaming and PVR needs. You can find a list of stations on their site and with a free trial, it might be worth looking into.


I know it’s not exactly what you were looking for but the streaming app Freevee has Hallmark holiday movies and you don’t have to pay for it.

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There are FAST versions of these , CNN has one and Hallmark movies and more.

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HBO MAX has CNN content, not sure if they have a live feed or not.

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Max does not have the full CNN live. They do have a CNN Newsroom live.