Closed Captions on Shield

Are closed captions supported on NVidia Shield TV?

@reddace - Yes they are!

Would you know how to enable them? Thank you.

Press and hold the OK/Select button while playing a recording. A pop-up should display on screen with Captions On or Captions Off…

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Appreciate it ChrisFix!

Does this also work with live TV?

I’d guess yes…but I literally never watch live tv…so I don’t know for certain.

On the shield closed captioning works in both live tv and recordings. To activate it you hold the center button of the shield remote until the CC menu pops up. I also have a firetv remote paired and I can’t seem to get it to pull up the CC menu (holding center select button does not bring up the menu).

I tried the closed captioning last night on the iPad. I couldn’t get it to turn on for live tv. It only turned on for recordings.

Then I couldn’t get it to turn off until I read about “the work around” on the forum. (Toggle the CC button, then exit the recording, then play the recording again. By toggle I mean if the cc button is off and the CC is displaying, turn the cc button on before you exit. If the cc button is on and CC is displaying, turn the cc button off, before you exit).

Pressing and holding in the OK/Select button, the closed captions did indeed display. I did notice however, that when I would exit out of Tablo, it would by default turn off closed captioning. So when you would launch Tablo, you would have to hold in the OK/Select button ounce again.

Does anyone know if there is a way to keep closed captions enabled by default using the Shield device? Thanks

If ShieldTV works the same way as the regular Android app and the FireTV (based on Android), then you must turn on closed captions every time you start a program. I agree that it would be nice to have a default that would set captions to on always unless you turn them back off. I pretty much always want captions on except for live programming like news and sports, where it is not as smooth.