Closed Captions on iPad and Browsers

Closed Captions on the iPad no longer work. The CC button is always solid blue and doesn’t toggle. Also, I have never seen a CC button on Mac browsers. (Safari and Chrome) Do the exist? I am only able to get CC on my iPhone. Is this a known issue with iPads and Mac browsers?

@iHuman - What iOS are you running and what version of the Tablo app do you have?

iOS: 9.1
Tablo app version: 1.2.3 (86)
Tablo Software version: 2.2.8

The issue is on an iPad. The iPhone version works fine (different way of turning on CC).

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'been going on for a while -

Only reason I “liked” your post is to show support and solidarity with regard to this issue. Not because I “like” that you’re having issues similar to mine and other users…

Thanks for the reply. Good to know it is an issue. I am deaf - so I wish mine was stuck in the ON position! But alas - it is not. No captions at all. The blue button doesn’t do anything. ;(