Closed Captions for Hearing Impaired on ROKU 2 now usable!

Although I put in a request to fix problems with the Roku running the Tablo app almost a year ago, nothing was heard.

However, this week it seems that the biggest problem has been fixed, and the captions are no longer frequently truncated and they seem to be complete.

This coincides the recent update in the Roku OS to 7.60 Build 4125. So it seems not to have been a Tablo app problem as this has been at Version 2.1 build 34 for a number of months…

I have not had time to assess whether there are other issues concerning format, but the system is usable for those of us who are hearing impaired.

This is really good news that t wanted to note in the forums so that interested current (and potential) users would find it. Hence the new topic!

Note:I have Roku 2, but assume this fix applies to all devices using the same releases

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That’s good news, mate. My Roku3 updated to 7.6 on the weekend and I noticed the subtitles are now in a typewriter style so I presume that was part of the fix for the issue you had seen.

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