Closed Captioning with Regular Tablo and fire stick hd

I have started using the regular Tablo App instead of Preview because the preview always restarts at the beginning no matter what the cause of the stop.

While I even like the picture quality better on the regular Tablo App, I can’t seem to get closed captioning turned on. I have a fires stick hd and when I press the options key, I see settings on the bottom right of the screen, but for the life of me, I cannot get it to open, it just starts play.

Works for me on the gen 2 fire tv stick

“To enable, press and hold the select button and check the closed caption box.”

Zippy, thanks for the reply, but when I hold the option key down, nothing changes. When I release the settings goes away

For me it’s the select button. I have no idea about the option key. And I turn it on once the video starts playing.

Do you have a firestick Hd?

Actually Yes.

But it’s in a spare room and been in sleep mode for 6 months or more. I hate Amazon products and keep them as backup. I’m too lazy to go mess with it. And the actual tablo WEB page makes no distinction. Maybe if you search the the forum. Or wait for support

OK, I went to help and found it. During playback, you hold the select button for 3-4 seconds and the closed caption option appears