Closed Captioning on FIreTV - Opacity of CC for Tablo

I have the 4 channel Tablo running on Ethernet thru FIRE TV box. I know that closed captioning can be activated by holding down the select button and clicking on CC, but the CC box is solid and blocks out 10-20% of the screen . Is there a way to change the color of teh font and the opacity of the box to at least a more transparent or perhaps non existent state.

Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of control over how closed captioning is implemented on the various devices.

But other channels/APPS, such as Netflix and Showtime, have the capability within their apps to change how the CC is displayed. Why couldn’t TABLO have that capability too?

Netflix and Showtime likely both have coded their own ‘player’ software vs. using the default player on the device.

Larger companies have the bandwidth to both create and support this type of work.

In order to focus on developing features and avoid compatibility issues we’ve chosen to work with the default players on most devices.

So in settings ol FireTV there is a feature to change CC settings but it doesn’t work for TABLO, It works for all others. I wonder why not for Tablo.

If you want to improve your FireTV experience, you could try exporting your recordings with TabloRipper or SurLaTablo and then watch via Plex or Emby.

Roku has much better native CC support, but that might not help you much.

SurLaTablo supports ccextractor for .srt subtitle generation. It will also embed the subtitles as best it can, but sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t inside of Plex when you just do it that way.