Closed Captioning is at least 5 seconds behind

I’m a new Tablo TV user. I have the 4th Gen Tablo running app 1.4.3 on the iPhone 14, firmware 2.2.50. The closed captioning is at least 5 seconds behind in speech. This is at an unacceptable delay. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

Is this on live and recorded shows?

Fast and OTA channels?

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I experience the same issue on occasion, but it comes and goes. I have seen it on OTA & FAST. I haven’t made a list of the offenders. No channel is consistent, but ION (FAST) & CBS (2.1 OTA/NYC) seem to be frequent offenders. Maybe someone else has done more documenting this.

Ive seen on my Rokus that SOMETIMES… it takes a few minutes for the CC to kick in when enabled.