Closed caption on web app

Does anyone know how to turn on closed captioning when viewing my recordings via ? When I view the same program with the iOS iPad app, there are closed captions, but I can’t seem to get closed captioning when viewing in the browser. I tried both Safari and Chrome.

AFAIK, there is no cc support on the web app yet. Tablo support is aware of it and I hope this is on their agenda soon :slight_smile:

@plasma4ever That is the one app we don’t have CC for as of yet. We’re actively working on this right now so we hope to have it squared away in one of the next updates.


Still no support for CC’s in the browser player as of 2022, it seems. :thinking:

Which browser and which device?

There is CC on the edge browser in Windows and also in Chrome on an iPad. Didn’t test the other browser/device combinations but CC should be supported.

Works for me using firefox on windows. But only if you move the cursor off of the scrubber so it disappears.

Seems to work a little better with chrome.

Uh, I get CC on Chrome, Firefox, etc. (just saying)

Edit: Context. So, just fyi for everyone, it’s strictly a Highlander game with regards to browsing in IOS. There can only be one and its name is Safari. So, even if you “install” Firefox, the engine is Safari (the Apple webkit implementation). Which is sort of funny in the case of Firefox when you think about it.

So, what doesn’t work? Browser web viewing using Mac IOS Safari. MacOS systems can still have real Chrome and real Firefox, etc… and should not present any issue.

If you’re running IOS, you need to use the Tablo app currently to get CC.

If you’re trying to use an very old iPad (gen 3 or earlier), there is zero solution. It’s landfill.

I sent in in a ticket for the functionality not working in the current versions of Safari web browsers in macOS and iPadOS. Of course in iOS I the app. However I thought I’d test it to see if the bug was in that browser as well. It is along with skip ahead and back buttons not working.

So we’ll see what they respond with. I do have users who only use Tablo on the desktop of their iMacs…Current OS and browser configurations,

Also, I’m glad I could bring this thread to life after five years. :wink: