Closed Caption for LG Smart TVs

I guess I speak for many that are hearing impaired…TABLO, please add cc on next software update to LG tv. CC was gone right after installing the Tablo device (Tablo Lite on wifi).
Otherwise, Love your product…

@josess11 Unfortunately LG is the one platform that we cannot support with Closed Captioning.

Since CC is so important for you, I’d recommend adding a Roku to your LG TV. Roku has the best options for control and display of closed captioning information and does support CC via the Tablo app.

There are many LG tv brands out there.
Are you (Tablo) looking to add cc on future software updates? This should be a priority…

Our LG app is no longer being updated but the issue is with the LG player software itself so even if we were updating it wouldn’t be possible to add it.

@josess11 I have an LG OLED TV and have used both the LG Tablo App and the Tablo app on a Roku. IMO the Roku is a better experience.

The only downside is that youll have an extra controller (for the Roku). However, newer Roku controllers have both volume control and TV on/off on the controller.

I just noticed something new on my LG V40 thinQ smart phone.
It has the Tablo app installed w latest updates.

  1. It plays live tv but no sound.
  2. On recorded programs, some have.
    sound and others don’t. Odd.

Any settings need to be turned on?

Not sure. I have a V40 and have not noticed anything like this (yet).

Is it possible that you had surround sound turned off for a period of time?

Some smartphones support Surround Sound and some do not. If you have Surround Sound enabled on your Tablo right now any current recordings and live TV may not be able to play back with sound on unsupported devices.

Recordings made before Surround Sound was enabled would have sound as they would have been recorded with stereo.

That was it, surround sound…turned it off,
Sound on phone works. Thanks much.

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My solution was to add a 2 way antenna spltter…that is, one ant. input with 2 outputs, one to the tablo the other straight to the LG tv.
When i need cc i bypass Tablo.
This only works for live tv.