Close caption

How do you get close captions to work?

@devildude The closed captions feature is currently in beta, but you can enable it by tapping the H’CC’ button on the bottom of the Tablo’s video player.

How long will it be until closed captioning is working? Many people need this feature. This might be a deal breaker for me. What do other people think?

If using a Roku, just hit the asterisk and turn them on.  Works perfectly on my Tablo.

Hold that… actually CC works well on some channels and shows and is garbled gobbly gook on others…

tab on my PC (using Chrome browser)

 The CC does not work using IPad and there is no CC tab on my PC (using Chrome browser)

I hope the whole sentence will post this time.

@devildude We’re hard at work to improve the CC feature. I don’t have any ETA’s on when it will be out of beta just yet - but it’s one certainly a priority for us. We understand that this can be a deal breaker - thanks for your patience.

Also: there’s no CC on the web app at the moment, just cause we’re making a few changes to the player.
Make sure you test multiple channels on your iPad with CC turned on - I haven’t heard of none of them working before.

@TabloSupport I have actually had pretty good luck the last few days with CC on my iPad. I did have one day where it was garbled, but last few days it has been almost perfect.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

@TabloSupport, actually I just tried “The Blacklist” on NBC and it is gibberish… However, I can see some of the words mixed in to that.

Fox Channel 11 with “Sleepy Hollow” the captions look great.

Channel 4 NBC with “Jimmy Fallon” Now this one is interesting. The news is still on before the show and the captions look great. Then it goes to the Jimmy Fallon show and back to gibberish. And I can see letters flipping quickly at the end of each caption.

Cannel 4 NBC on “The Vocie” gibberish