Clone Disk Drive with Paragon on Windows 10

I realize this is an unsupported activity by Tablo, and maybe the user community can help. All of the Hard Drive items are “less recent,” and tend to get more technical than I want to invest in this task. I did this a couple of years ago via Windows/Paragon, but am now hitting some snag.

I am trying to save my old programs to a new same-sized disk. I removed the old, and have the new installed and formatted.

I purchased a copy of “Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software.” I cannot seem to get the system to recognize my OLD disk drive once I have it plugged into the USB port. I can restart the “mounter service,” but no drive appears.

I pulled the NEW drive off of the TABLO, and I can see that with the Paragon software. Maybe my OLD drive was in worse shape than I thought.

Any help out there? THANK YOU in advance!