Cleveland OH - Fox 8

Fox 8.1 in Cleveland has STILL not resolved their low power situation (which started in 2009) caused by the conflict with the Canadian station across the lake. Has anyone heard any updates from Fox 8 now that more cable cutters exist? There was one idea out there that they could broadcast on an UHF frequency.

I live on west side of Cleveland, 2 miles south of the lake. I’ve never had problems with FOX 8. I have 4-tuner Tablo.

What is your antenna setup?

30 mile Mohu Leaf. 3rd story wall pointed at the Parma array from University Heights.

I have an RCA Amp attached to it. The antenna picks up Fox 8 only if I have it touching a 2ftx3ft metal picture frame that hangs next to it. :wink:

All other channels come in without issue. If that picture frame isn’t there, Tablo reports one red dot only.

The metal from the picture frame is acting as an antenna extension. VHF channel 8 needs a VHF receptor. The Mohu Leaf isn’t the best VHF type antenna - its area is smaller than VHF usually likes.

Can I have two antennas feed the TABLOTV through one input connector via some type of ‘joiner’ device?

Yes, there is a UHF/VHF Combiner available at Antennas Direct. Is your RCA amplifier the TVPRAMP1Z? It has separate inputs for UHF and VHF antennas. An alternative option would be to get this preamp instead of the combiner.

No it’s the RCA AMP1450R

The TVPRAMP1Z is twice as powerful as the AMP1450R.

Thanks for the amp recommendation! I will try it! Any recommendation on an indoor VHF antenna that is good to pair with the leaf?

VHF antennas can be quite large. If you are within 10-15 miles of the broadcast tower, the old fashioned rabbit ears fully extended will work for VHF. How far are you from Fox8?

My antenna is about 17 miles away from the tower.

I would first try rabbit ears since this type of antenna is inexpensive.

Thanks for your input!

Ah, I have a roof-style large antenna placed in my attic. I also have an amplifier installed at the antenna - the Tablo is located at the end of a very long daisy chain of existing coax outlets in home. The installer used a device to point antenna toward the majority of TV station transmission towers (I believe Parma).

I had it installed by

BTW if you get the RCA TVPRAMP1Z preamp, don’t buy an amplified rabbit ears antenna. Just a simple, unamplified rabbit ears antenna.